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Digital Distribution Deal
Publishing Deal - Standard
Publishing Deal - Film Music
Book Publishing Deal

Why apply to TON4?

Filmscore Publishing Deal
We have more than 20 years experience in composing and promotion of filmscore; Currently thousands of our tracks are used in more than 80 countries for cinema productions, TV series, nature documentaries, DVDs, websites or digital distribution. If you have instrumental tracks (classical or electronic music) and own all rights - please provide us with your link to your music or send us your demo tape / CD. Your music will be 100% promoted and marketed by TON 4 MUSIC as filmscore at NO cost for you!

Publishing Deal for Musicians and Music Producers
Without a good publishing house your chances to get airplay are 0 and your copyrights are not protected. Also pop- and rock music producers may apply for our standard music publishing deal, we contact music directors on a weekly basis to promote our contract partners and recieve airplay, we protect your copyrights and sign subpublishing deals with major labels.

Do you promote your music yourself? Did you sign a contract with a company which distributes millions of tracks? Then you know how little time and knowledge both - you AND them - have to promote YOUR music. They make turnover from charging you a few dollars per submission; Also keep off publishing houses with a few hundred tracks in their repertoire, there is a reason why these companies dont succeed.

Most of these record labels / publishers dont have a professional background in music business themselfes, never ever composed their own songs, cant read notes and scores - and have no clue how to market and promote your music. ALL members of TON4 are professional filmscore producers, audio engineers, composers or musicians since many years!

Digital Distribution
We distribute classical and contemporary music since 2003 in digital form on all major download platforms. The big difference to ANY other digital distribution: We promote your music at NO cost for you, we create the cover if neccessary and provide you with all neccessary codes; simple submission through distributors is not enough and your CD wont be found by anyone;

only 40% profit share .... are you NUTS???? Even if the distributor offers you 99% share - 100% of 0 turnover is still .....0. Our tracks continuously hit chartplacement, within the last 7 years many of our tracks have been number 1-10 in international downloadcharts for many months! We are no database, no machine, we are real people, working for you, calling music directors, sending CDs, answering emails!

We dont earn 1 cent if we dont create REAL downloads for you! A distributor who doesnt know the secrets of successfull digital distribution and the importance of good CD covers will just make the turnover by charging YOU instead of creating real downloads for you!


Please send an Email to: office "at"